We have winners!

We have finally tabulated the results (thanks for your patience) and are happy to announce the overall winners for the World Rankings contest. Thanks to everyone who entered -- your amazing scores are a reflection of your dedication to Sonic. Sonic Team salutes you!

Josh Feinberg was the first place winner. He demolished the competition with a whopping 36 total points. Here's how he did it:

Windy Valley - 2nd Place (4 points)
Ice Cap - 2nd Place (4 points)
Knuckles Road Mt. - 1st Place (5 points)
Amy Twinkle Park - 3rd Place (3 points)
E-102 Red Mt. - 6th Place (1 point)
Sonic Twinkle Park - 2nd Place (4 points)
Knuckles Casinopolis - 1st Place (5 points)
Sonic Sand Hill - 2nd Place (4 points)
Big Ice Cap - 9th Place (1 point)
E-102 Hot Shelter - 1st Place (5 points)

Here are the rest of the winners- congratulations!

Danny Bell (16 total points)
Marc Hillman (15 total points)
Daniel Bunce (13 total points)
Darryl Wagar (13 total points)
Lee Luis (12 total points)
Hasebe Akio (10 total points)
Martin Kramer (9 total points)
Mitch Lestner (9 total points)
J Lenonn (7 total points)