Dear Sonic fans,

We first would like to apologize for the delay of opening the next world ranking contest. Get ready and watch the lava pits as E-102 manuevers his way through Hot Shelter in this steamy time attack.

Here's an update on what's been happening with prizes... As you know we have been backlogged in fulfilling prizes for the last (4) contests, mainly because it's very difficult to determine the top 10 winners. We never expected to have to go into the winner's list, disqualify those who blatantly cheat and then decide where to draw the line for the winners. For this reason, we have no other option but to rule these contests, except Big in Icecap (Fish weight) as "no-game" meaning NO PRIZES will be awarded.

Thank those who can not play by the rules. So remember, this now applies to all remaining world rankings contests.

World Rankings were created to give something back to our fans who have supported us through the years. As it turns out, we just weren't prepare for all this and we apologize to all those Sonic fans that honestly participate in our rankings. Please click here for our announcement on this.

Sonic Team